Out Getting Ribs

One of the greatest songs written of my time. King Krule – Such a young, quirky, individualistic human who just keeps killing it! Thought I’d post the lyrics to this track on his album ‘6 Feet Beneath the Moon’ (which, by the way, is basically perfect). So powerful and an artist with words..

“Out Getting Ribs”
And hate –

runs through my blood

Well my tongue was in love

But my heart was left above

I’ve got to be leaving now

I thought I’d never be shot down

But girl I’m black and blue

So beaten down for you

Well I’m beaten down in bloom
Don’t break away

I waste away

Don’t break away
And lay me out across the grey

Hours I should have kept at bay

Well I had no chance to get away

I can’t escape my own escape

Even more when it’s sweet to the taste

Red stairs lead sense astray

I look up and seek for faith

Oh but girl just lean over and say

Well lay me down

Pull me out

Well take my crown again

He’s submerged in doubt
But wait, I make my last request

See this could be the best

But blue I need to rest

See I been broken down

So much has lost it now

I just stop and say

Girl don’t you worry ‘bout a thing

Baby, blue


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