What makes my day a little better


The Bonsai I bought my boyfriend for Christmas and a small Star Wars badge that I stuck on the wrapping. Buddha’s Belly Fig..


Absolut Vodka bottle Carnival edition (empty)


Corner shot of our room that I’m insanely proud of as it’s the first time I’ve been independent and been able to make a house a home!


My Mum gave me this canvas print last Christmas – Uma looking like a babe as always and forever following us with her eyes. Ft. Dom’s new comic poster and part of our set up…


The wall that faces our bed. I’ve hung records on the walls and used one of my brother’s oldest art finals. I feel happiest here.


My tea collection that is slowly expanding. Most of the time, I regret the purchase afterwards because of the weird flavours I choose, but I continue to make tea despite only finishing a quarter of it. Tea is love.


My little elephant that hangs out with us all in the back room. My boyfriend Dom took this from someone’s porch as part of a pair (ssssssh) for me when we were out wandering one night and it was really lovely as I’ve always loved elephants.


A Joy Division poster that my step father Shambala bought for me last Christmas when I was more angsty. But it’s beautiful nonetheless!


My new Pumas I bought the other day to add to the collection. Have wanted these for a long time and they are literal foam cushions under your feet.


Our slow growing board game collection that’s already worth well over $300??? So much bonding and red wine happens over these bad boys.


The beeswax candle and succulent I got for Christmas from my step sister and Mum. Decor is also love. 


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