Putting past times to use

Looking to start selling my work and begin taking commissions! I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time but haven’t been able to keep consistent with the production of art work. It’s difficult to find the time to actually WANT to create aside from all my actual responsibilities that don’t involve choice. For a long time, making art seemed like more of an effort than it was an enjoyable thing, so I never actually sat down and dedicated myself to producing something worthy of hanging on a wall or being purchased by another.

Since I’ve always just exhibited my work in ways through social media and previous schooling, I never put the extra effort in to make anything worthy of selling or obtaining profit from. And that might seem greedy, or entirely missing the point of art, but I’ve always hated working for someone (mostly because I’m a Westernised privileged child and you could ask most people in my generation and they’d say the same). I’ve always wanted to produce something of my own in a creative sense and obtain profit to sustain majority of my life – whether that be a magazine, novel, paintings, drawings, graphic design etc.

Obviously, so many people want to and try to do the same thing and very often go the opposite way to which they expected. But I don’t really see anyone else my age in my (relatively extensive) social network trying to do what I am, and I have to start somewhere!

If you’re reading this, and there’s some streak of artsy fartsyness in you, check out my Flickr and Instagram (@ellebasifisher) – if anything sparks an interest, or you just want to make a comment on what I’ve got to give, feel free!



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