Surely love is a wonderful thing..

A few weeks ago, I took the day off to go to Melbourne with Dom. Despite how much work needs to be done in ACMI’s Screenworld, Federation Square is always somewhere to go to occupy the time. Who doesn’t want to learn the history of television and gaming? Even the oldies get super worked up about technological breakthroughs that happened a long time ago – a ‘long time ago’ now being a few years…months even.

Anyway, just so happened that one of my favourite artists, Kathryn Del Barton, had a mini exhibition showing her animated recreation of Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’ right next to Screenworld. Dom and I watched a five or so minute short and it was simultaneously beautiful and sad. It inspired me to base one of my essays for my Myths and Symbols class on the concepts and deeper meaning within the 1888 classic. Oscar Wilde is such a perfect writer, his voice is gentle and dreamy but rings true to human emotion – it was awesome to see it still being appropriated so strongly.

Some stills from the animation….

Birds have been everywhere in my life and have meant all different things to me and to those closest to me, so I decided to illustrate the little nightingale and I hope to expand the work…jk


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