I want my Eastern body!

I remember a Brand New lyric I would constantly relate to –
“I fear that I am a slippery slope
Now even if I lay my head down at night,
After a day I got perfectly right.”
I curse my mother (I have to blame someone) for giving me an unrelenting need to do everything all at once and to meet great dissatisfaction if otherwise.

Just so happens that it’s my weekend and I’ve made it to 10pm on a Saturday with the annoying feeling that I haven’t done enough. One of my mother’s old friends, Karen, is a ‘life coach’ (if that’s a thing) and told me to keep a journal of all the things I’m grateful for every day.

I tried it once and forgot the concept.

So, as a semi-solution to my common Gemini state, I’m going to take up her distant advice –
This morning I made brownies with coconut, cocoa and lemon rind, I cleaned my house, I printed out my assessment, I borrowed a book on Eastern medicine, I cleaned my cat’s piss off the ground (again), I saw my mother, I took a nice indie photo of myself, I started an A2 collage with my friend AND I went to dinner with beautiful Dom.
So now I’m here, and so is Dom, and my cat Miss Twinkletoes, and despite my displeasure, I’ve accomplished a lot of shit. And I’m the luckiest human on Earth!

(P.S: Try it yourselves..)


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