“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.”

The importance of creativity is more than I know of it now, and the need to imprint aspects of ourselves on the world around us is paramount for finding peace – or some version of it.

I know that some of my darkest times have arisen from losing sense of a creative self, and realising an ability but being unaware of how to channel it without forcing something artificial.
This morning my Facebook newsfeed showed me a photo of Ninja and Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord all painted up and baking in the sun in South Africa. They posted a photo and it’s caption said something like:
‘for me what makes anything good like a movie or a song is if its personal becaus then it’s pure. Its your emotions & your experiences poured in2 it. an even though we all see da same tings we experience them diffrent. So if you can write about your own personal experiences an turn dem into songs or art then they will be unique no matter what.’
It’s such a simple concept but rings true, and I keep seeing time and time again people with lively imaginations that just aren’t pouring anything into everything – and I’m one of them.
What’s beautiful about finding your creative self is that everything you put out is pure, and when it’s done truthfully, it is something that comes from a self that is entirely unaffiliated by addiction, or trauma, or stress and rather acts as a passage for these things to travel through and find resolve.
The thing is, people attack the new digital age, and link danger and fear with the insanely quick transference of information and news. And yes, everything has its downsides but it’s creating gate ways for different cultures, music, fashion, art and food scenes and their influences to merge together and inspire. And better yet, it’s so simple to get your own stuff out there for people to consume, comment on and even share. Interpretation is up to the viewer. But the creator does the world a favour by adding to, supporting or changing universal conversations, value systems and the way in which we perceive the world around us.
I happened to find the time to sit down and bring together various materials and my ridiculous collection of magazines to produce some ‘art’. Feels good to apply ability to a tangible thing, and I’ve been feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders lately so it was good to do something that actually had no purpose but gave me satisfaction and a moment of focus and solitude. Creativity has a way of building a shelter for you away from all the world’s mess, and I’m feeling the need to accept its protection more as I grow older and more aware.
Hope you enjoy what I’ve done as much as I enjoyed making it.

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