Is there a beginning to perpetuality?

Today I created a blog – more for the purpose of doing what’s required for school but still my own creation nonetheless. Ever since I was a little girl I always loved starting a fresh journal, or escaping to the stationary isle at the supermarket whenever my Nana would get me from school (her wallet seemed to get bigger each time). I remember a few years ago when I spent most of my life on a desktop computer I tried multiple times to start up a blog or some sort of from-scratch creation – I even went to the extent of learning some HTML in order to formulate my own web layout and actually get to a point where I could sell them. (This never happened but it’s nice that I had such aspirations so young) So, I guess, I made another one of these things today and whether it’ll burn out like all the others is up to the future to decide – but I’ll soak up the minor excitement from it anyway. 

I think maybe writing irrelevant bullshit might just help me figure out what’s going on in my whirlwind of a mind, and I can read back and cringe at an older age at all that goes on in it right now. Sounds good to me. 


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